The concept is 【Life Discovery Kumamoto】.

No creation without destruction.

"Without destruction, no creation" as the key word, destruction means shaking away the fixed concept of denim and leather. Both denim and leather are craftsmen's own hands to finish all the final processes to sublimate to the unique one and create items of Made in JAPAN From KUMAMOTO.

* Owner / Designer / Denim Artisan

Kyon (Kyosuke Fujimoto)

He gets a remake of denim by self taught, specializes in further processing such as damage after washing process, patchwork and paint.

With a punk spirit, create an original style.

* Leather Artisan

Mika (Mika Fujimoto)

Leather craft woman rare in women.

Tailor the leather item with dexterity of hand and flexible construction method.


コンセプトは、【 Life Discovery Kumamoto 】。

No creation without destruction.

「破壊なくして、創造なし」をキーワードに掲げ、破壊とは、デニムとレザーの固定概念を振り払うことを意味する。デニムもレザーも職人自らの手ですべての最終工程を仕上げることにより、唯一無二のモノへと昇華させMade in JAPAN From KUMAMOTOのアイテムを創り出す。

Owner / Designer / Denim Artisan

Kyon (Kyosuke Fujimoto)



Leather Artisan

Mika (Mika Fujimoto)